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The Fraternity’s coat of arms was carefully chosen to reflect the mission and purpose of the Fraternity, and consequently represents a symbol of unity and solidarity.
The base shows three rocks which, in addition to symbolising the scraggy high Alpine landscape and tough living conditions, also allude to the three hospices located along the Bernina pass road. The emerging hands hold green foliage aloft, reminding us of the past, when double floors were laid on layers of leaves and moss in order to protect houses from damp.
At the same time, the hands symbolise the Fraternity’s protective, helping function, which aims to use dedicated income from regional activities to ameliorate hardship and misfortune. The fess wavy above this refers to the precious and pure mountain springs as a symbol of efforts to protect nature and the natural environment.
The “clover cross” indicated by three clover leaves is intended to evoke protection, without directly addressing a religious aspect.
The horned billy-goat above the “La Rösa” banner symbolises defence, and consequently the preservation of the unique Bernina Region.
The Fraternity arms are protected by copyright and are the property of the Fraternity.

Fraternity La Rösa (Bruderschaft La Rösa)  Registered domicile pursuant to the Articles of Association: Poschiavo  I
Fraternity Club House: Stazione della Posta  I  CH-7742 La Rösa – Valposchiavo