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Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the Fraternity La Rösa, membership is open to everyone, insofar as they are aged 14 or over and identify with the motives and objectives of the Fraternity. Each member is required to pay a one-off admission fee of CHF 100.00 as well as an annual membership fee of CHF 60.00 (life partners jointly CHF 100.00). Once the admission fee has been settled, each new member shall receive a Fraternity mug, a Fraternity sticker as well as a Fraternity lapel pin.
If you wish to become a member of the Fraternity La Rösa, you can download the registration form from the “Downloads” section, or can register directly online. Once your application has been assessed by the President, your admission will be approved by resolution. You will then become a brother / sister of the Fraternity La Rösa.
Legal entities (companies and enterprises) may also become Fraternity members.

Honorary Membership

The Fraternity Council has the power to name members who distinguish themselves through outstanding service for the Fraternity as honorary members. These enjoy certain special rights, i.e. are exempted from the need to pay the annual membership fee. For example, members who attract more than 30 other members, who perform exceptional services for the Fraternity or who donate exceptionally large sums can be named honorary members.
Honorary members are awarded the Fraternity’s “Golden Badge of Honour”. 


Fraternity La Rösa (Bruderschaft La Rösa)  Registered domicile pursuant to the Articles of Association: Poschiavo  I
Fraternity Club House: Stazione della Posta  I  CH-7742 La Rösa – Valposchiavo